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From drone photography to live streaming your marriage and from a 3D printed cake to geo-tagging the venue, Rachna Rawat offers some quirky technology-backed ideas to make your D-Day memorable

It’s time for wedding bells to ring all around as the most-preferred nuptial season of the year arrives. As the country scrutinises Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s Italian wedding celebrations and waits for the updates from the Jodhpur extravaganza of the marriage of celebrities Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, we find out what’s making waves in the industry.

In India, it’s considered that more extravagant a wedding, the higher is the families’ (of the bride and groom) social status. A reason why the wedding industry here is estimated to be worth over US $25 billion and is seeing a 30 per cent growth, annually. However, millennials don’t only want lavish weddings. They are looking for unique ideas as well. The trend is to make a personalised statement, specially with the help of technology. “You need to plan something quirky and unique. And don’t underestimate the importance of an effective social media plan,” says Pooja Khera, general manager, marketing & PR, Ferns N Petals, a boutique florist brand that also curates exclusive weddings. And here are a few ideas on how you can make some special memories.


Destination weddings have always been in demand, but now they are being geo-tagged. Whether you are tying the knot in Udaipur or Italy, you can make it popular on social media by adding geofilters. And it is unbelievably easy! Open Snapchat and click on the create tab. This multimedia messaging app offers a few basic templates and plenty of customisations to create a signature filter or geotag. “Make the filter available at your wedding location for 72 hours, which will not only cover all functions but can be accessed by all your guests,” suggests Khera. It is a cost-effective way of adding an exclusive touch to your wedding. Another popular social media platform, Instagram, too allows you to tag locations. What’s more, when you select a location, posts from the same place automatically get collated.


We live in a ‘hash-tagged’ world today. Every emotion and action has a trending hashtag. But in a space teeming with hashtags, most of them clichéd, how do you make yours epic and memorable? Create a catchy one with your names (of the bride and groom) clubbed together to create a new word without making it complicated. Try to keep it simple so that your guests can easily use the hashtags. For example, #deepveerkishaadi!

Heart rate monitor

“My heart stopped as she arrived at the wedding venue!” This is a common statement most grooms make, as they await for the bride to arrive. What if one could actually monitor the heart rate? Several couples, who have tried this, say it’s poignant to look back at your wedding day and actually be able to see your exact heart rate at the special moments during the ceremony. You can either monitor your heartbeats through health monitoring apps installed in your phone or fitness trackers like FitBit. Take printouts and add to your wedding album.

High-tech photography

Gone are the days when wedding photography was just about hiring a great photographer. Today, it’s also about knowing if he/she has the updated equipment. A latest in this genre is the use of GoPros. These are cameras that can capture videos from a personal viewpoint and are often used for adventure activities. Rehana, a Delhi-based wedding photographer, says the trend started as couples used these tiny cameras to shoot their beach-side or mountain honeymoons. Experts say these are in demand as they introduce a unique perspective to wedding imagery.

“At weddings, GoPros can be strapped onto the photographer’s body as he or she moves among the crowd. Or it can be passed around among guests so that each can capture what they are seeing,” she explains. These cameras can be used to capture candid shots, which make for great memories. “Or use the camera’s time-lapse feature,” suggests Rehana. For this, you have to mount the camera at a vantage point and let it capture its surroundings for hours. And then the time-lapse feature will crunch the footage into a few-minute-long video, all in fast forward motion! Experts suggest using this feature to capture the mandap (traditional Hindu wedding venue) being put together or guests arriving.

Another unique photography trick is to use a drone camera to get fantastic aerial views of both the wedding ceremony and venue. “Just make sure the drone has enough battery life and doesn’t crash. Also, it makes a buzzing sound, so keep it at a height where it doesn’t disturb anyone,” says Vaibhav of Marriage Moods, a Mumbai-based wedding photography firm. Make sure to check for permissions required for aerial photography.

The author is a senior lifestyle journalist and the views expressed in this article are her own

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