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Snowglobe Music Festival
Where: South Lake Tahoe
When: December 29–31
This annual three-day celebration, the ultimate New Year’s Eve escape plan for skiers, snowboarder and music lovers, is all about mountains and music. Charttopping acts by top names such as Skrillex, Zedd and Snoop Dogg
will keep the adrenaline pumping at the park-like and often-snowcovered grounds of the town’s community college. Between performances, watch skiers perform during live demonstrations.

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New Port Beach Christmas
Boat Parade
Where: Orange County,
Southern California
When: Throughout December
Voted as one of the US’ top holiday events, the parade has dazzled visitors for more than 100 years. It began as a nine-boat affair at the turn of the 20th century and has grown into more than hundred ships with over 2 million people.

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Indio International Tamale Festival
Where: Palm Springs
When: December 5-6
If you have never unwrapped the corn husk of a tamale to reveal the delicious filling inside, try it this year. Head for this amazing food festival – considered one of the best in the US – just south of Palm Springs. Other than just sumptuous fare, the festival includes a best-recipe competition, a tamale-eating contest, a parade and other live performances, and a car show.

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