‘I am a Lover of Nature’

Manish Sharma, president and CEO, Panasonic India and South Asia, on his love for gadgets, accessories and travel

“The best is yet to come.” When Panasonic India CEO and president Manish Sharma says this, one look at him tells you he’s talking about more than just the tech giant he helms. Among the youngest in his network, he is brimming with confidence as we meet him at his office in Gurgaon on a pleasant summer afternoon, and observe that his accomplishments are matched by his humility as he greets us. In a candid chat, he sheds some light on the young man beneath the suit who loves to eat, experiment and travel. As an avid globetrotter, he zeroes in on London as his favourite destination.

“I really like London – the weather is lovely. I also like Dubai and Queen’s Town in New Zealand. I loved Queen’s Town when I last visited it – the experience of being there was really serene and calming,” he says. Ask him if he’s able to fit vacations into his packed schedule, and he shares, “We go for family vacations twice a year! Lately, we’ve also been considering places like Maasai Mara National Reserves, Kenya and South Africa for our next trip, since both my wife and I are nature lovers.”

The dapper CEO considers spending time with his family one of the greatest luxuries he can afford. “To me, luxury is something aspirational. From the point of view of a corporate professional, spending quality time with my friends and family is what luxury truly implies.”

– As told to Nitasha Panda

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