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Riaan Jacob George tells you how to rock a bomber jacket this season along with other key menswear trends
Should it be a linen suit for your next boardroom big moment or a pair of white trousers? Should it be a bomber jacket or denims for the casual evening do? As a new season of fashion sets in, we decode the wardrobe trends for the dapper gentleman.

Nautical chic

An inevitable trend in spring-summer every year, nautical themes are particularly strong in 2016. The blue and white nautical stripe, with its unmistakable sailor-boy appeal, is being seen in collections across the industry. This season French menswear brand Celio has released an impressive selection with anchor motifs and nautical stripes at the core. Anchor-printed shorts, tees, boat shoes, chambray shirts, thin pinstripes, espadrilles and linen transport us to the beaches of Brighton or Miami, or to a yacht party off the coast of St Tropez or the Hamptons. Other brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers Red Fleece also stand out for their nautical creations.


Men’s casualwear trends are becoming edgier. Jack & Jones has mixed influences of the grunge, cowboy and skateboarder styles, resulting in an interesting mix of street-inspired clothing. The collection dips into music, popular culture, street art and urban graffiti, while cuts and fits tend to be more relaxed. Homegrown streetstyle brand Breakbounce, which claims to be India’s first real McCoy street-style brand, and the upper-end Diesel and Superdry are also carving a niche for themselves in premium streetwear. Graphic tees, patchwork elements on shirts, eccentric embellishments, multipocket trousers, cargos, denims with striking washes and textures, high-top sneakers and indigo accents characterise this season’s casual wardrobe.

Minimalist elegance

Solids are timeless and minimalism is indeed a fashionable luxury. While several brands are sitting on the solid black, white and blue bandwagon, Danish label Selected Homme has raised fashion minimalism to an art, with everyone talking about its austere approach and focus on cuts and fabrics rather than embellishment.

Floral and botanical

Over the past few seasons the biggest revolution in menswear has been the advent of prints. And the print story only seems to be getting stronger. Men are unapologetic about ditching solids and checks for their favourite motifs. While the floral trend continues to be big, this spring will see botanical prints and tropical-inspired designs such as palm trees, leaves, plants, vegetables and fruits make their way on to shirts, shorts, shoes, accessories and even suits. Yes, the printed suit is a big subject of discussion this season with international labels such as Gucci, Saint Laurent Paris, Hermès and Burberry pushing it.

The return of white trousers

Possibly an extension of the nautical theme, white trousers – or jeans – are back with a bang. Slim-fit white bottoms – whether cotton chinos or denims – are best paired with slip-ons or even tan oxfords. Brooks Brothers leads the pack in this trend with nifty white trousers in cotton and linen in both its mainline and Red Fleece collections. A new expression of preppy chic!

Bomber jackets

No, this is not just a winter trend. Bomber jackets in leather and thick gabardine make way for lightercotton ones in spring and summer. Additionally, an offshoot of this trend is the bomber-inspired shirt, in which traditional buttons have been replaced by a zip and the signature bold collar. Brunello Cucinelli and J Crew are your best bets.



Men’s casualwear trends are becoming edgier. Brands are mixing influences of the grunge, cowboy and skateboarder styles Unlined blazers

According to Sandeep Gonsalves, owner of Mumbai’s leading men’s bespoke boutique SS Homme, this season’s blazers can be worn unlined and unstructured. The colours trending are sky blue, beige, mustard, citrine and cream. Teal and burgundy are the best options for the evening. Unlined blazers are lighter versions of the traditional blazer that have been working particularly well in the Indian tropical climate for their sheer versatility and simple elegance.

Linen love

How can any spring-summer trend be complete without linen? This season, the softer variety of linen has given way to cotton blends, which render the fabric firmer and less likely to crumple. Besides the all-linen suit, another big trend is printed linen, with paisley motifs, nautical logos and geometric prints seen on shirts.

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