A Treat In The Skies


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Along with being one of the world’s longest non-stop connects, the Air India San Francisco flight also offers a whole-new sumptuous menu, says Janaki Kulkarni

Memories of the lip-smacking Murgh Rehanna and the delectable Gulab Ki Kheer are sure to haunt you long after you have landed. The fragrance of the Zaffrani Pulao will linger on longer than you imagined. You will, perhaps, write an ode to the food you relished on Air India’s B777 flight from Delhi to San Francisco. Better still, you may decide to take the flight again to celebrate your affair with one of the most delicious in-flight meals in the history of aviation.

When Air India launched one of the world’s longest non-stop flights last month, it not only made sure that it connected two continents, Asia and North America in 17 hours without a stop, but also gave its passengers the luxury and comfort of a B777 aircraft. It has also made sure that their appetites and hearts are well taken care of. So if you are flying Air India to San Francisco, a sumptuous spread of nearly three meals keeps you going till you reach your destination.

The meals have been exclusively designed for the San Francisco flight by celebrity chef Rajan Loomba, who has included three of his signature dishes – Murgh Rehanna, Gosht Changeizi and Gulab Ki Kheer – in the menu. Special care has been taken to make the food wholesome, light and, of course, mouth-watering. Breakfast items, to name a few, include spinach tomato frittata, barbecue chicken sausages, sweet pancake with strawberry coulis, Mysore dosa, carrot peas idli, aloo moongphali poha and stuffed green-pea parantha.

If this makes you drool, then sample this main-course menu of spinach cannelloni with tomato basil sauce, fried fish with tartar sauce, aloo methi, dahi kofte, kadhai paneer and yellow dal accompanied by a variety of breads. But no meal is complete without dessert, so the chef treats you to the heavenly Gulab Ki Kheer, with real rose petals swimming in the kheer. In addition to this, there are also items such as Malabar prawn curry, murgh dil bahar and roast leg of lamb in red wine, and desserts such as passionfruit cheesecake and makhmali phirni. First- and Business-Class passengers can also enjoy premium wines and liquor to pair with their food.

I am reminded of a friend who once remarked how the food served on Air India had an emotional connect! Elaborating, she narrated how, when she went to the US to pursue higher studies, the last thing Indian was the food she enjoyed on the Air India flight. And two years later, when she was set to return to India, the first thing Indian she craved for was the food on the Air India flight. To her, Air India was home, and the food reminded her of her mother’s cooking. Truly emotional!

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