The Danish Advantage

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When it comes to studying abroad, Indian students tend to choose English speaking countries such as the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and so on, because language is a defining criterion in making such a move. It is a given that those wanting to pursue a Master’s, PhD or research degree will set their sights on the Ivy League schools or comparable varsities in the countries mentioned.

However, it is time we broaden our vista and look out toward other educationally vibrant destinations.

The places you can go

Denmark has kept pace with global educational developments, and it now offers a variety of courses in English in its universities, some of which are among the top 100 in the world. Danish universities have always welcomed Indian students for various research, PhD and Master’s programmes, and have even customised some of the courses for them. A Master’s degree from Denmark has its advantages: Indian students can find brilliant opportunities in industries facing a shortfall of specific skills, such as IT. This is made possible by a very flexible visa policy, which allows for a three-year work permit that foreign students are eligible for. Work opportunities galore for international students in the fields of bio-sciences, engineering and management as well. Moreover, the country is a regional hub for R&D in the pharmaceutical sector and offers world-class, highly competitive career options in the life sciences and biotechnology sector. While you pursue your Master’s, Danish companies offer internships that may make way for your absorption in the firm.


The Great Danish Universities

Quite a few Danish schools and varsities have partnered with their Indian counterparts: Copenhagen Business School(CBS), the only independent business school in Denmark for MBA and other management programmes, has collaborated with IMT Ghaziabad, and also works closely with the IIMs (Ahmedabad, Bengaluru and Kolkata). It offers a one-year full-time MBA degree course for working professionals. IT University of Copenhagen, founded in 1999, offers various Master’s programmes in the field of video game console development, digital data management and software development. It has a special focus on promoting start-up ventures by its alumni, and has helped establish three times as many start-ups as other Danish universities. Aarhus University is one of the more popular universities among Indian students. It has a sizeable Indian population due to the presence of Indian wind energy company Suzlon’s European HQ. The university is state-funded and its School of Engineering’s Bachelor’s programme, which is designed in English, is targeted at Indian students. The university guarantees housing to all the students at nominal rents and offers free language courses on campus. Aarhus University, in partnership with NovoNordisk, is sponsoring a Novo Science programme in the field of biotechnology for a period of six months in which tuition fee is free of cost. Denmark Technical University (DTU), which puts a lot of emphasis on research programmes, ranks among the top 100 in the world and has about 1,500 international students enrolled in its multifarious programmes.

Hub of new ideas…

Since all Danish universities have an exceedingly non-hierarchical system, students and professors are on first-name basis with each other, facilitating open and candid discussions on a range of subject. This approach enables and encourages students to come up with innovations and new ideas, and promotes sharing of views with each other. Into the bargain, the Danish education system puts a lot of emphasis on promoting entrepreneurship and start-ups and all the universities organise corporate-student interactions every 15 days.

…and happiness

If all that fails to charm you, consider for a moment that Denmark has been among the three happiest nations in the world for the past five years on the trot, and is famous for zero corruption, minimum crime rates, and providing healthcare as a civil right.

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