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NEDO, or the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, promotes Japanese technology and expertise in international markets and operates under the aegis of METI (the Japanese Ministry for Economy, Trade and Industry). “NEDO’s main task is to identify – in partnership with the academia, industry, and publicly funded research institutes – overseas markets to which we can promote our technology and industry,” says Kazuo Furukawa, the chairman of NEDO.

Optimized-japantech“The governments of the countries we work with are focused on sustainable and clean energy, and we endeavour to provide the best and most competitive technology for a clean, green, and sustainable environment to all our partners,” he adds.

NEDO has already completed seven projects in various fields such as waste heat recovery, coke dry quenching, and dual-fuel generation and nine more related to solar power and micro-grid systems, management systems for telecom towers, ICT-based ‘green’ hospitals, and micro hydropower turbines. NEDO’s ongoing projects in India involve the use of cutting-edge technologies that are helping Indian corporations to maximise the use of renewable energy and information technology. One such technology emphasises clean and green use of coke. NEDO’s coke dry quenching project for Tata Steel uses nitrogen for cooling, and waste heat is recovered for use in steel manufacturing. Through its path-breaking technologies, NEDO shows how the emissions of CO2 and other pollutants can be controlled. “All our seven projects, which have been successfully completed, are related to the environment and sustainable energy,” says the chairman.

“NEDO, like JETRO and JICA, are all government organisations but compared to them, we are unique in terms of functions,” he explains. Although NEDO has the funding capacity to execute projects successfully, it is more a project management organisation than a funding one. He elaborates, “We can fund projects but we also have the capability to implement projects, and through these activities we try to promote Japanese technologies in foreign markets. In so many of these activities, our contributions help to solve energy and environmental issues and at the same time make the host nation’s industries more competitive.”

“We admire the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and, looking at the market size and the rapid economic growth that India is enjoying, we foresee India surpassing Japan as the third largest economy in the world very soon and this growth is here to stay,” says Furukawa, concluding, “When Japan enjoyed rapid economic growth 50 years ago, it did not realise the challenge industrialisation can pose to the environment, but we learnt as we grew.

Environmental issues cannot be solved by any one country and we have been experiencing many issues with respect to clean environment and have learnt many lessons and developed many technologies from our experiences in the past and we hope these will be used by India in moving ahead to achieve both economic growth and a sustainable growth along with a green environment simultaneously.”

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