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There’s no better place to soak some sun than an uncrowded beach. Team Shubh Yatra brings you six lesser-known shores from across India


Andaman is known for its sprawling, sun-kissed beaches, but tucked away in Middle Andaman is a beach that is the island’s pride and joy – the untouched Lalaji Bay Beach, on the West coast of Long Island. The beach in itself is magical – a wide sweep of sand surrounded by swaying coconut trees and clear water. A lush, dense forest cover all around adds to its enchanting aura and a hike through it is perfect for those seeking adventure.

A comfortable boat ride from Rangat jetty will get you here in around an hour and a half. The ride is as scenic as the destination, since the boat cruises through a breathtaking mangrove creek. If you’re travelling from Long Island jetty, take a fibre boat to get to the West coast and then walk a few kilometres to reach the beach.


The long, pristine Ashwem beach is the ideal place for travellers who want a quiet vacation amid sun, sand and surf. Located to the north of Panaji, this beach offers delightful ocean vistas, fringed by coconut palms that pepper the shore. The water around the beach is perfect for swimming, and the river that runs nearby is also great for a dip.


On the eastern end of Rameswaram lies Dhanushkodi, a strip of land situated between the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. And the tip of the beach at Dhanushkodi offers a stunning view of the confluence of the two mighty water bodies. With a view of the endless blue water all around, the beach is considered one of the most beautiful sites in the area. Find serenity here, far from the cacophony of the city, and indulge in a little adventure through surfing.

Not too far from the beach, the Arichamunai Bird Sanctuary in Dhanushkodi is a paradise for ornithologists, as native and migratory birds from Europe and Australia can be spotted here.


If a scenic location and a brightly illuminated waterfront is what you look forward to in a beach, the Bekal beach in Kerala is your best bet. Located in Kasargod, the northernmost district of the state, this beach is where the famous Bekal Fort is located. Remember the keyhole-shaped structure in the song Tu hi re from the 1990 movie Bombay? That is Bekal Fort, one of the most well-maintained forts in Kerala. The fort overlooks the Arabian Sea and the beach is dotted with

several sheds and tree houses, from where you can sit and watch the mighty waves lash against the shore.

A rock garden along with a parking area serves as an added attraction here, featuring laterite boulders of various sizes. Trees have been planted along the beach, making it even more picturesque. And you can soak in a majestic panoramic view of the entire area from the newly-made walkway.


Odisha has a long coastline of over 480 km on the Bay of Bengal, interspersed with lovely beaches. Dotted with beautiful casuarina trees and sand dunes, Chandipur is one of them, and offers a calming seaside experience. You can even watch the fishermen at work during the day, for a taste of the local life.


Approximately five km from Kakinada, on the shore of the Bay of Bengal, is the scenic Uppada beach. Flanked by popular tourist sites such as the Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary, Hope Island and Kolleru Lake, this sun-kissed beach is the perfect spot for a family outing. If you feel adventurous, the waters of the Bay of Bengal are ideal for swimming.

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