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From observing your breathing patterns to eating consciously, celebrity health guru Dr Mickey Mehta lists five steps to a better lifestyle

One of the best ways to create a healthy relationship with yourself is to understand that you are neither body, nor mind. The body is merely a vehicle of experience that supports you on your journey towards self-realisation. How you purify it using your mind, the food you eat and the actions you take, determine the kind of life you build. Here are five practices that can enable you to create a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle:


Through simple breathing techniques, we are allowed a glimpse into our true nature. Watching our breath can tell us what physical or emotional state we are in. Investing a little time and energy into learning and practising this counters the effects of any imbalance in your body or mind. Thoughts may interrupt, but focus is important. Slowly, you will be able to detach from them and use your breath as a tool to cleanse, replenish and reinforce.


The way we eat plays an extremely important role in our lives. Today, we eat at our desks while working or while watching television at home, and believe that whatever we eat will provide us with adequate nutrition. We seldom realise that the way food is prepared and consumed is crucial to its integration in our system, and we are rarely mindful of what we eat. The state of mind we are in while eating also plays a significant role in the meal’s assimilation into our body. It is always better to be in a calm state of mind while eating. Moreover, food is best savoured in silence and with reverence for it to truly nourish and sustain us.


An awareness of one’s surroundings is crucial. You must be conscious of the present moment and understand its relevance to your life. Once you realise that it is all you truly have, you will begin looking at everything around you with renewed respect. Do not miss out on your present while you dwell in your past or plan your future.


A beautiful way to consciously experience the present is through the five senses. We hear, but do we listen? We see, but do we observe? We tend to take a lot of things for granted, and this is what stops us from appreciating the beauty around us. We choose to see only what serves us, and this cursory glance at life allows us limited pleasure and happiness. Make an effort to use all your senses to experience as much as you can. Life is full of beautiful moments; try to acknowledge the little things that make it meaningful.


A sense of gratitude towards the universe is also a crucial piece of the health puzzle. Can we ever be thankful enough? If we look at our lives with objectivity, we will keep counting our blessings forever. It is only because we live in a world of duality, wherein all experiences are scrutinised in relation to others, that we experience pain and misery.

When you wake up tomorrow, begin your day by sitting down and focusing on your breath, in control of all your senses, and finally, be grateful for everything the universe has provided you with. May your life be filled with the all-pervasive beauty of the universe. Get Mickeymized.

The author is a well-known health expert and the views expressed in the article are his own

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