Kimono Tales

In 2014, during his trip to Japan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had visited the 136-year-old Taimei Elementary School in Tokyo. The Prime Minister was keen to understand the academic system of Japan, which could be replicated in India.

The Prime Minister also invited teachers from the school to teach Japanese language in India and proposed online courses amid his pitch for enhanced cooperation in languages and social values. The Taimei School emphasises the development of a child’s moral character and nurtures the young mind in the same direction. The Japanese education system encourages children to help each other in every field: academics, sports and also in their professional life.


To promote Japanese tradition and culture, the school has joined the “One School One Country” programme, under which its students will study the culture and history of a country participating in the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in Japan. Another highlight is the school’s participation in the “Imagine OneWorld Kimono Project”. Under this programme, 196 kimonos will be designed to reflect Yoshimasa Takakura, a representative of the programme, said the kimono project will spread the message of world peace and integration. About 60 students from Class IV of the school have been studying Indian history, culture and social structure under this programme. A special kimono with images of India suggested by the students has been designed. The school’s principal, Toshitsugu Wada, says the project has piqued the interest of his students in India and he is looking forward to an exchange programme. He adds, “The Taimei School looks forward to promoting exchanges between Japanese and Indian students and plans to send its first year students to learn Indian dramatic plays and we are also inviting Indian teachers.” This, the principal believes, could be the beginning of many such exchange programmes with Indian schools

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