Autumn in Denmark’s happy capital is a season of indulgence and festivity. We bring you glimpses of its joyful spirit

As summer bids adieu to Copenhagen, the leaves begin to change colour, the breeze starts to blow afresh and a spirit of festivity imbues the city with a magical quality unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Given that fall embodies the final stretch of respite before winter sets in, it is a season of indulgence in the city. And with a range of indoor as well as outdoor activities available to every wanderlust driven soul, Copenhagen is an autumn wonderland that will keep you satiated no matter where your interests lie. From the National Gallery of Denmark and Galleri Bo Bjerggaard to the sprawling Superkilen park and refreshing waterways, the city has something for every traveller.

As the city’s vistas welcome fall’s soothing shades of yellow, October 14 ushers in a nine-day public autumn break. Till October 22, many of Copenhagen’s attractions, museums and institutions offer special activities tailored for families and children in particular. This is also a great time to soak in Danish culture, as the annual Culture Night kicks off the holidays with hundreds of cultural events in a single night! It lets you experience Denmark’s beautiful capital in a new light, opening up places not otherwise accessible to the public.

During the day, the charming street of Ravnsborggade comes alive with Loppemarked i Bella, a bustling flea market that offers clothes, furniture and a host of fun activities. Being here is not just about finding the best deals but about embracing the joy of being outdoors at a time when the cityscape is at its most picturesque. And then there is the food – nothing can beat the satisfaction of a fresh Danish pastry melting in your mouth! As the autumn break draws to a close, the city begins to ready itself in joyful anticipation for the best part of winter – Christmas.

There are few better ways of concluding a visit to Copenhagen in autumn than a leisurely stroll in the King’s Garden, also known as Rosenborg Garden, taking in its peaceful vibe and feeling the beginnings of winter!


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