Fall in Love this year, with yourself


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‘The new year is all about self-discovery, accepting one’s flaws and appreciating strengths.  As we step into 2020, Karmel Nair tells us five easy ways to cherish ourselves’

It’s very easy to get demotivated with yourself, both in the personal and professional spheres. But it’s equally easy to bounce back if you are in love, with yourself. If you have faith in your capabilities, no amount of rejection or criticism can affect you. To build this strength, it is imperative to reinvent ways of loving, caring or connecting with oneself. In 2020, let’s resolve to start the year with some fabulous ways of falling in love with ourselves.

Say Yes

Not all of us are comfortable with change. It troubles us and we look for ways to hold on to everything that’s familiar. This year, try to embrace the change. Say yes to things you would normally say no to. Set off on that holiday you have been delaying, try out things that you have had apprehensions about, meet new people and make new friends. Go with the flow and let life surprise you.

Recreate happy moments

List your happy memories and try to recreate them. It may mean getting in touch with an old friend and reviving old contacts, picking up an old sport or a hobby, or simply doing something that makes you happy. This will rekindle the fun and add thrill to your life.

Remind Yourself

Make a list of all achievements – irrespective of how big or small they are – and place it at a spot that is always in your line of sight like your work desk or wardrobe. It will be a constant reminder of your strength and determination and the happiness that those successes brought. It will motivate you to aim bigger in life and give you the strength to achieve it.

Ask for what you want

“Ask and it will be given…” says the Bible, which is true, to a certain extent. So bare your heart and ask for what you want and deserve. It may need a little bit of work, initially, but once you start, it will boost your confidence and you’ll begin to look at life from a whole new perspective.

Make that one change

Be your own critic. Make a list of a few things that you do not like about yourself and pick the one that you want to change in the new year. Be it a bad temper, repressed emotions or lack of will power – invest your energy in taking the flaw and turning it into your strength. Once you do so, you’ll see your life lighting up.

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