Desi Flavours on the Go

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Vikas Gupta, founder of the start-up, speaks about revolutionising Indian packaged food for the travel industry

Even for an avid traveller, one who loves to live life out of a bag, there is one thing that reminds of home – food. Because no matter how ardent a gastronome one is or how much one enjoys to indulge in diverse cuisine, there is no better soulmeal than the one had at home. “No matter where you go – be it on a road trip or an international holiday – after a few days of exploring local food you feel like having something Indian, something that your tastebuds find comfort in,” says Vikas Gupta, founder of, a start-up, that offers ready-to-eat Indian meals for travellers.

What sets this start-up apart from others in the field is the fact it is an aggregator – bringing local ready-to-eat manufacturing companies from across the country under one platform. “And the best part about the products, smartly packaged, they are easy to use. All you need to do is add water to the dehydrated pre-cooked meal and you’ll have homelike food in minutes. It contains no preservatives or artificial colours,” he adds. Irrespective whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, from the northern part of India or south – you’ll find something to satiate your craving for desi flavours. From breakfast delights such as lemon poha, rava upma, egg bhurji and idli; and wholesome meals like daal and kadhi chawal, tamarind rice, dal makhni, butter chicken and egg curry; to such decadent desserts as kesari halwa and kheer – the options are endless.

“I am an ardent traveller myself and am familiar with the need for Indian food during long journeys. I set up Food for Travel in September 2018, so that anyone – be it a backpacker, someone on a business trip or even a hostel boarder – can carry a piece of home along. It also gives a boost to local companies who, otherwise, have a tough time reaching the national level,” explains Gupta.

As the food offered by the brand is dehydrated, the packets and bowls weigh less, allowing a traveller to pack multiple options. Ask Gupta about his future plans and he adds, “We are planning to retail these products, especially in remote areas. We are also in touch with travel and booking companies and soon, our products will be available at more locations.”

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