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Want a perfect start to your day? Try the quirky morning spreads at these four restaurants from across the country

Cookie and milk or eggs  Benedict? An avocado toast or couscous upma? Cold-pressed juice or artisan coffee? What would life be without the most important meal of the day! We are talking about breakfasts here. Not the rushed, on-the-go everyday routine kind, but a relaxed, multiple-course gourmet spread cooked and served with love, and relished without racing. Celebrate unique breakfasts at these four
innovative restaurants.   

A breakfast that starts at 6 am but lazily wades through the day and ends at a very unusual
4 pm! No wonder it’s called the Lazy Sunday Breakfast. Serving an unending array of dishes, the spread at AnnaMaya, Andaz, New Delhi combines breakfast, which is laid out in a buffet, and lunch that comes in a set menu and is served fresh at the table. So, what starts with cereals, seasonal fruits and eggs Benedict, meanders into parathas, vadas, uttapams and dosas, and finally ends with an elaborate lunch.

The brunch here, which changes every week, includes the usual spreads and several unusual, flavourful items like seaweed lassi, amaranth muesli and baked yogurt (yoghurt). Garden-fresh and super-nutritious salads of micro greens; a sweet and surprising tandoori pumpkin; a succulent turkey burger served with sweet-and-sour grilled pineapple and fried egg, and wholesome butter-baked garlic prawns can also be had here! With ample space for children to play and interesting art and craft workshops, this brunch is perfect for a lazy Sunday with your family.

A bar, a bistro, a café and a dessert bar rolled into one quaint family-run restaurant: that’s what Plate & Pint at Kemps Corner in Mumbai is all about. Cosy with big windows (the sun and greens peeping through), the eatery offers an elaborate and soul-filling breakfast. The menu includes flavoured pancakes, eggs in different styles, grilled sausages, classic baked beans on toast (done crisp and right) and  Indian morning staples like vegetable wheat upma.

For something more exotic, try the juicy shroom burger, the sriracha cottage cheese panini or the hot sauce chicken wings. But don’t leave without dessert, which includes the Kahlua-infused tiramisu with a burst of flavours, the melt-in-your-mouth apple pie cheesecake and the crème brûlée with vanilla beans and fruits.

Do grammar and food go hand-in-hand? At the swanky new Grammar Room at Olive, Mehrauli, they do. The explanation is: “just as grammar is the foundation of a language; food, coffee, cocktails and ambience are all building blocks of a great experience.” With the mid-morning sun filtering in through the glass walls, the green Ridge glistening after a night of heavy rain, the atmosphere is more Mediterranean than Indian! For breakfast, there is enough to choose from, but a few must-try delicacies are: artisanal coffee (the aroma of which is enticing), cold brew infusions, crumpets, and cookie and milk! Pour the milk on the cookie and see the crispy baked surface go moist. For bread, ask for the chef’s selection of boulangerie (baked fresh twice everyday). The classic French toast made with challah bread is a winner and so is the avocado toast.


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