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Editor's Letter &

Jayita Bandyopadhyay | Editor

Journalism happened to her “ by chance”. A trained designer from The National Institute of Fashion Technology, she started her career in the publishing industry when she was asked to write “knowledgeable articles on fashion and textiles,” for The Asian Age. Soon, a few articles a month became a fulltime job and fashion became too restricted a subject. Having worked in the industry for over a decade now and with newspapers like The Pioneer, Times of India, India Today, she has been writing extensively about food, travel, fashion, nightlife and everything else that results in upping the human happiness quotient. She can be reached at Click here to read the Editor’s letter for the August 2015 issue of Shubh Yatra.

Ketan Mehta

A two-time National Award winner, filmmaker Ketan Mehta is best known for his films Mirch Masala and Mangal Pandey: The Rising. His next, Manjhi: The Mountain Man, is slotted for an August release.
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Riaan Jacob George

One of India's leading luxury travel journalists, Riaan Jacob George contributes to more than a dozen leading publications, runs a fashion blog and spends his free time learning French and Italian.
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Manjari Chandra

A qualified nutritionist, Manjari Chandra has worked with India's top hospitals, including Max and Fortis. She has also participated as an expert panelist in global conferences and TV shows.
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Anupam Chanda

A travel enthusiast, Anupam Chanda is a freelance travel writer and photographer who has worked for publications such as National Geographic, The Guardian, Time magazine, Newsweek, The Times of India and the Manorama Group
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Madhulika Dash

Madhulika Dash is a travel writer and a food connoisseur, who was part of the food panel of MasterChef India Season 4. Her subjects of interest range from technology and cars to health and fashion.
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Tathagata Sen

Tathagata Sen balances out his cut-and-dried profession as a civil engineer with a passion for music. A fervent rock 'n' roll fan, he moonlights as the lead guitarist for the band Noodle Monday.
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Legend of the lakes

Anupam Chanda takes you on a road trip across the unforgiving terrain of Ladakh to the three magnificent lakes of the Changthang plateau


Bhubaneswar calling

Odisha’s capital is not defined by its temples alone. Madhulika Dash takes you on a daylong trip to twin rock-cut caves, a zoological park and a peace pagoda

Special Feature

A crooner's paradise

Riaan J George takes you to five places in New York City that inspire you to sing

Sure Shorts

News on the fly

News that’s making waves in the Star Alliance world


A glorious year

Kaissar Hussain tells us how Air India celebrated one year with Star Alliance


Second by second

Every man loves a chronograph. Here are the season’s picks


Bullish wheels

Check out the Torofeo, a modified Lamborghini Huracan


Top pic

An award-winning snapshot of the Great Migration in Kenya


Cool blue Australia

Come stay at One&Only Hayman Island, Australia

Turn your phone into a DSLR

Three easy ways to take the best clicks from your smartphone

Open house


India has evolved hand in hand with its indigenous brands. Team Shubh Yatra looks at those that have helped carve India’s national identity and are still charting a destiny linked with it


Born free

Filmmaker Ketan Mehta believes India’s youth is more responsible with its freedom. It is fired by a passion to excel but not to prove itself


Blue me away

Once a symbol of India’s struggle for independence, the organic indigo dye has become modern India’s fashion staple. We trace its evolution

Pop Pourri

A banjo on his knee

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s foray into country left Tathagata Sen a wee bit apprehensive, but the demon of screamin’ sprang quite a surprise

Tarot trotting

See what June has on the cards. By Karmel Nair


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