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Editor's Letter &

Jayita Bandyopadhyay | Editor

Journalism happened to her “ by chance”. A trained designer from The National Institute of Fashion Technology, she started her career in the publishing industry when she was asked to write “knowledgeable articles on fashion and textiles,” for The Asian Age. Soon, a few articles a month became a fulltime job and fashion became too restricted a subject. Having worked in the industry for over a decade now and with newspapers like The Pioneer, Times of India, India Today, she has been writing extensively about food, travel, fashion, nightlife and everything else that results in upping the human happiness quotient. She can be reached at Click here to read the Editor’s letter for the October 2015 issue of Shubh Yatra.

Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry has been one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photography for more than 30 years, with scores of magazine and book covers, over a dozen books and countless exhibitions around the world.
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Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat is best known for his novels Five Point Someone and The 3 Mistakes Of My Life. His latest offering is How to Make India Awesome, in which he offers solutions to the country's most intractable problems.
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David Lazar

David Lazar is a photographer and musician from Brisbane, Australia, who loves to capture moments of life, beauty and culture. He is the 2012 winner in the Travel category of the Smithsonian Photography Contest.
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Mihir Bholey

Mihir Bholey is a senior faculty member of interdisciplinary design studies at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. He’s an author and a socio-cultural commentator. Urbanisation is his ongoing research interest.
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Supriya Sehgal

Supriya Sehgal is a freelance travel and lifestyle writer who's on the move more than 250 days a year. Her experiences on the road have been featured in leading national and international guidebooks and magazines.
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Teja Lele Desai

Teja Lele Desai trained as an architect but went on to work as a journalist for 15 years. One day she quit the cubicle culture for freelancing, designing silver jewellery and setting off on weekend family escapades.
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Happy in Hong Kong

For author Chetan Bhagat, it has been a love story of 11 years with the city. And why not - he has lived five times larger here than anywhere else


Dussehra beyond borders

Dussehra is not only one of India’s biggest festivals, it is celebrated across Asia with equal gusto. Madhulika Dash brings you five avatars of Dussehra across the continent

Newer sands

Puri may be Odisha’s most famous beach, but it is by no means its most beautiful. Madhulika Dash brings you the lesserknown sands of the state

Bring home the goddess

Live the five days of Durga Puja in a Kolkata bonedi baadi with Debdeepa Mukherjee

The tent commandment

If it’s a taste of the wilderness you want, but can’t do without a dose of luxury, go for glamping. Teja Lele Desai lists out the four most opulent options in India

Special Feature

Beyond Tipu's legacy

Take a break from the rich history of Mysuru’s Wodeyar dynasty and cast a glance at its wondrous cultural side, says Supriya Sehgal

Sure Shorts

News on the fly

Snippets from the Star Alliance world


Upgrade at airport

Popularity of the Get Upfront offer soars

Midas touch

Nothing spells class like a combination of black and gold. A statement of power and poise, this is one of the most coveted items in a man’s accessory collection - and more so in the festive season. We compile a list of must-have timepieces


Top pic

A Steve McCurry masterpiece shot in Rajasthan



India's first St Regis opens in Mumbai


A tribute to the nomadic Ahir tribe of Gujarat through its traditional embroidery


They say there’s no joy like reading a good book. We bring you three for the month

Gimme Ten

Did you know the English eat banana with a knife and fork? Here are the world’s quirkiest table manners

Open house

Going smart

Mihir Bholey gives you the low-down on the smart city initiative in India and the sea change it is expected to bring


Same difference

In the month of the historic India-Africa summit, we offer you a sampling of our common love for curries, spices and more


In full steam

Visit the 118-year-old loco shed at Rewari for an experience of steam heritage tourism, says Ajay Singh

A vision of swaraj

Mahatma Gandhi’s economic theories influenced three of India’s greatest industrialists, says NB Rao

Pop Pourri

Water world

Photographer David Lazar captures the iconic one-legged fishermen of Myanmar’s Inle Lake

Tarot trotting

See what October has on the cards. By Karmel Nair


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